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Don't bet your life on tomorrow! Water heater scale removal must be seen

Water heater scale removal must be seen

Gas water heater has been used for a long time, and scale blockage often occurs. A rubber hose can be found, one end is connected to the tap, the other end is connected to the hot water outlet pipe. The tap can be turned on and the water is discharged from the cold water inlet pipe by water pressure. If the discharge of water is very laborious, you can use a very thin cone to poke upward from the cold water inlet pipe. The action must be slow. Never break the screen that accumulates scale. It should be noted that after each bathing, we must release the hot water from the pipeline. It is better to flush it with cold water for a while to avoid remaining scale blocking.

Electric water heater should replace magnesium rod in time and remove scale in time.

If you buy an enameled inner liner water heater, you should pay attention to the timely replacement of magnesium rods.

Enamel inner liner is made by burning a layer of inorganic ceramic glaze on ordinary steel plate. It is not rusty and costs 1/4 to 1/6 of stainless steel inner liner. However, the processing technology of enamel inner liner requires higher requirements. If the technology level is not enough, air bubbles or pinholes are easily produced in the production process. At the same time, the brittleness of enamel is larger, and the transportation and installation process is also in progress. Vibration and collision are prone to scale explosion.

In addition, enamel will gradually dissolve and exfoliate in hot water, technically known as "weight loss in boiling water". All these factors will cause the exposure of ordinary steel plate under enamel coating. The common steel plate contains more impurities such as carbon and sulfur, which is easy to corrode and leak water.

So what's the effect of magnesium rods in the tank of water heater?

Magnesium rods are used as sacrificial anodes in water heaters. Because the metal activity of magnesium is higher than that of iron, when magnesium rod and common steel plate are exposed at the same time, magnesium rod is first corroded instead of steel plate, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting inner gallbladder.

How often do you change the magnesium bar?

According to the different water quality, magnesium rods in enameled inner tank water heater need to be replaced in one to two years. Otherwise, once the magnesium rod is used up, your water heater will soon corrode and leak. You should also pay attention to the cost of replacing magnesium rods. It is free to replace magnesium bars during the warranty period, but if you exceed the warranty period, you have to pay for materials. The price of magnesium bars is generally between 40 yuan and 150 yuan. It costs about 900 yuan in 10 years, which is also a considerable expense.

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