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Magnesium-Air Fuel Cell for Magnesium Application

Fuel cells come in many forms but rarely compete with nitrogen fuel cells. Nitrogen fuel cells can generate large amounts of electricity, but they are not efficient and portable. Mag Power Systems, a leader in metal-aerodynamics and nitrogen* research, has developed a magnesium-air fuel cell that can compete with nitrogen fuel cells to overcome some of the latter's shortcomings.

Magnesium Power Systems has developed a lightweight, efficient magnesium-air fuel cell and believes it will soon become a viable energy system. Magnesium-air fuel cell is not the latest technology, but it is not as popular as other fuel cell technologies. In addition, the limited energy output caused by nitrogen production also inhibits the commercial production of magnesium-air battery.

Magnesium Power's magnesium-air fuel cells use nitrogen*, gas diffusion cathodes and electrolytes impregnated with magnesium to generate stronger current and reduce production costs. Magnesium Power believes that magnesium-air fuel cells will become a popular energy supply system in the military and transportation markets.

MagPower considers that the electrolyte conductivity of fuel cells using saline (normal saline) solution can be improved by adding nitrogen* to the solution. The battery has 90% high conversion efficiency and operates in the range of 22 - 55 degrees Celsius. Fuel cells can also be used as support systems for power and solar power enterprises.

At present, the price of magnesium metal in the United States is between $1.98 and $2.18 per pound, which has been very stable. Once applied successfully, the demand for magnesium metals will continue to grow. One advantage of magnesium-air fuel cells is that they are simpler and cheaper than nitrogen fuel cells. In addition, magnesium is not easy to volatilize, does not require special fuel storage, easy recovery and unlimited storage life.

Military applications

In addition, New York-based Reeveo also proposed and believed that the hybrid magnesium-air fuel cell is an ideal energy source for unmanned surface vehicles. The company considers that the hybrid magnesium-air fuel cell is the best choice in terms of specific energy, energy density, fuel loss rate, refilling fuel ease, system cost and overall safety factor, and states that the technology can provide 25 kW pulse power for more than two weeks.

Automobile and Maritime Markets

Reveo said that in addition to its applications on unmanned surface aircraft in the United States, its most obvious and largest market is for electric vehicles or electric ships. It also said that the technology will soon open the offshore market as an environmentally friendly energy supply, emergency energy supply and communication energy. The power system can be used for a variety of unmanned and manned surface vehicles to support marine industrial activities, including marine exploration vessels, offshore oil development, marine rescue, conventional offshore industry, coastal defense warfare and border patrols.

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